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Doppler Weather Radar and Weather Data Display Systems

Composite Radars

(Dual & Triple)

An option for the DOPRADĀ® Radar System

With the Dual Doppler or Triple Doppler, you now have a better way to cover your area of concern with live Doppler radars.

This innovation from Advanced Designs Corporation consists of two or three Doppler radars on one display – updating simultaneously in real-time. With Active Composite Live Doppler, you fully control BOTH Doppler radars. With the Passive version, you control ONLY your radar, which means, you can access another live Doppler to combine its data with your own.

  • Viewers will feel better informed during severe weather knowing that there is not one – but two or three Doppler radars scanning the skies for dangerous storms.
  • Every weather radar has the limitations of the earth’s curvature. The customer will be able to extend that limitation by strategic placement of the radars.
  • You will have the ability to show each Doppler radar by itself, can show any combination of two radars, or you can show all three Doppler radars at once.