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Doppler Weather Radar and Weather Data Display Systems

Welcome to ADC

Advanced Designs Corporation has been providing 100% solid-state, Doppler weather radar systems and weather data displays since 1982. We continually add features and options to enhance the capabilities and reliability of our products. ADC delivered the first fully coherent Doppler radar for broadcast television, back in 1983. Whether you are concerned with lightning, mean radial velocity, storm tracking, reflectivity and Doppler turbulence, and/or distributing radar data in real-time to any number of subscribers; ADC has a product to meet your needs. Our single computer PC-based systems are proven reliable and user-friendly. ADC works to create systems that increase the capabilities of the end-user, many of which are proprietary in nature and will be available only to our customers. ADC can provide Doppler radar solutions for the offshore industry, cruiseline and port industry, military, mining, utility companies, government, municipalities, universities, aerostats, sports teams/venues, broadcast industry or any other application where monitoring severe weather is necessary.

Our systems help protect personnel, assets, and operations from severe weather.