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Doppler Weather Radar and Weather Data Display Systems


RECOMMENDED Preventative Maintenance

The recommended schedule and standard maintenance consists of:


Check speed and direction. Run radar at slowest speed and change scan direction.

Every 6 months:

  1. Check DC power supply (should be 24V-29V) or check the 400Hz if you have not yet upgraded to run on 24Vdc.
  2. Run/check system test (From the display under ‘Tools’ drop-down and ‘System Test’) Look for any Faults.
  3. Run/check ‘RINGS TEST’ (From the display – “R/T” section)

    Look for a clean test pattern, smooth sweep with no missing radials.

Every 1-2 years: IN THE RADOME:

  1. Replace the R/T mount fan (make sure it is blowing down).
  2. Check surge suppress.
    1. Check lights on surge devices (if applicable)
  3. Check DC Power. (if applicable)
    1. Should be 24-29V in radome.
  4. Check Air-conditioning units and fans (internal and external fans) (if applicable)
  5. Be sure to seal and tape the radome when complete.

*Every 3 years:

Send the R/T to ADC for standard R/T alignment & calibration

*Every 4-5 years (3-4 years for large pedestals):

Send the Pedestal to ADC for:

  • Bearing replacement – ceramic bearings with high performance, long lasting lubricant.
  • Standard Pedestal Alignment.
  • Standard Repairs.

*Upgrades (performance and/or reliability) may be offered as an additional option when sending equipment in for service.

* ADC can also offer spares, rentals (R/T and Pedestal), and swap-out components.