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Doppler Weather Radar and Weather Data Display Systems

Storm Path Analyzer

An option for the DOPRAD® Radar System.

You can get the most out of your ADC Doppler Weather Radar by upgrading to our Storm Path Analyzer option.

  • The Storm Path Analyzer creates a box (that is user-defined) that shows the affected area and the direction in which the storm is moving.
  • A Time of Arrival Box is also displayed:
  • Within the Time of Arrival Box, it lists the specific cities or towns that lie within the storm’s path.
  • The Time of Arrival Box also displays the estimated / approximate time of arrival of the storm to hit the specified cities or towns.
  • The locations that are displayed in the Time of Arrival Box are a user-definable file so that it can be edited to your liking.

Now you will have the competitive edge you need to keep your viewers better informed.