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Doppler Weather Radar and Weather Data Display Systems


Severe Turbulence Alert System

A option for the Doprad Fury® System.

What is S.T.A.S.?

The S.T.A.S.is an automatic system for detecting regions of high turbulence and/or reflectivity. Using values from the control file, it determines whether a region meets the criteria for issuing a warning and if it does, it draws a boundary around that region on the screen and optionally issues an audible alarm.

What S.T.A.S. can do?

  • Improves the probability of detection of events such as tornados, microbursts, straight-line winds, and hail.
  • Constantly searches the incoming radar data for regions that satisfy your criteria for issuing a warning.
  • If the region moves or changes shape, S.T.A.S. can track and follow the region.