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Doppler Weather Radar and Weather Data Display Systems


The Digital Difference

Environmentally Friendly & Effective

Unlike magnetron tube-type systems that produce excessive, unneeded, and potentially dangerous microwave radiation, ADC’s DOPRAD® system minimizes microwave radiation hazards and RF interference problems through the use of large penetrating pulse widths, lower power, narrower emissions band, and unsurpassed receiver sensitivity. This makes it an ideal choice for environments where transmitter interference and microwave radiation exposure are a concern. The real secret to the performance of the DOPRAD® system is the use of advanced receiver technology, utilizing digital signal processing and penetrating pulse widths that provide the industry’s best receiver sensitivity. The DOPRAD® receiver is far more effective than the 1930’s-era magnetron technology used in other systems – up to a factor of 100 times more effective. In addition, the DOPRAD® pulse widths are up to a factor of 50 times larger than that of magnetron systems. This all makes for a very safe and effective radar.

Simple & Reliable

DOPRAD® radars are known worldwide for high reliability and low maintenance. In fact, over 90% of all ADC’s ground-based radars placed in the field since 1982 are still in service today. Thanks to its lightweight, modular design and simple installation process, the system can easily be installed on buildings or small towers. ADC offers a vast array of configuration options – from a 30” system to the 8.33’ High Gain Antenna system – all with a wide variety of display options. ADC also offers interfaces for equipment from other weather-related companies. Of course, all of the systems are upgradable, so you won’t have to worry about obsolescence. System operation is simple, utilizing a single computer. Display and radar controls are very user-friendly. Most features can be accessed via a click of the mouse.

Enhanced & Affordable

The ADC DOPRAD® radar is the most cost effective, fully coherent, C-band Doppler weather radar available today. Over time, the system will also save your company in terms of “cost of ownership.” It’s a 100% solid-state, digital Doppler radar that is greatly advanced over outdated, tube-type radar systems offered by other vendors. In fact, ADC has replaced over 50 magnetron based radars since 1982. The ADC DOPRAD® system produces high quality Doppler data. Testing by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) on the DOPRAD® weather radar with a 30” antenna showed that “…radar produced observations of convective storms which were quite similar to the MIT radar observations.

Specs & Diagrams

System Configuration Samples